JEE Main 2023 Exam - Crack in first attempt

Are you aiming for JEE Main 2023 and not yet decided how to prepare for the exam in the remaining time? It is really important to start your JEE preparation as early as possible, but if you have not started yet then you need to come up with smart strategies that will help you in your JEE preparation.

A Smart Study Schedule for Assured Success

 1. Preparing a Timetable

Preparing the timetable is one of the most important steps towards JEE Main preparation. Making a timetable can help the candidates to plan and cover all the important chapters for the exam. Following is the list of benefits of a well planned and structured JEE Main timetable which can help the candidates:

  • Consistency in studies helps in avoiding procrastination
  • Helps to balance out studies, food, sleep, and break time accordingly
  • Timetables can help cut out the workload
  • Helps with easy study management
  • Boosts confidence
Generally, candidates attempt easy chapters and neglect difficult chapters in the process. But to crack JEE Main, candidates need to plan to cover all the important chapters of all the three subjects.

2. Maintaining an Effective Time Management

We are recommended you to study for 3-4 hours daily. Six months before the exam is important for the candidates, and they should focus on covering the entire syllabus. Practice at least 100 questions from each chapter. Using FosterJEE as a platform to practice questions and after this do mock test daily to check your concept which is free of cost. In this way, all the concepts will also become clear easier.

3. Implementing a Practical Strategy

After completing the syllabus, start working on the revised section, know the concepts in which you are weak and work on them.

Begin the chapter test series using the notes, and revise your concepts and formulas.

Follow the tips to improve your memory and learn how to make notes for JEE Main, which will help you crack the exam.

Invest 1 hour in chapter test and 20 minutes in analysis. Revise your weak concepts until you get them right.

By investing 4 hours a day, you can cover all the 90 chapters, which is a complete part of JEE Mains. Start taking mock test series. It is recommended to attempt at least two tests per day.

4. Understanding the Exam Pattern

Before starting JEE Main preparation candidates must be aware of JEE Main exam pattern. JEE Main exam pattern includes important details like marking scheme, exam duration, total number of questions asked and much more.

JEE Main Exam Pattern 2023 for B.Tech

Exam Mode

Online (Computer-Based Test)

Exam Duration

3 hours

Language of Examination

English, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu

Type of Questions

MCQ's and Numerical Type


Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

No. of Questions

Mathematics: 25 (20+10) 10 questions with answers as a numerical value. Out of 10 questions, 5 questions are compulsory. 

Physics: 25 (20+10) 10 questions with answers as a numerical value. Out of 10 questions, 5 questions are compulsory. 

Chemistry: 25 (20+10) 10 questions with answers as a numerical value. Out of 10 questions, 5 questions are compulsory.

Total Questions

75 questions

Total Marks

300 marks

Marking Scheme

MCQs: - 4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer Questions with Numerical value answers: - 4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer

5. Revising the Syllabus

Revision is a very important step in JEE Main preparation as it removes doubts and confusions and helps candidates to memorize concepts for a longer period of time. Candidates should make it a habit to revise it regularly. Prepare a separate timetable after completing the syllabus a week or two before the exam. Once the preparation is done, candidates can turn their attention towards revision.

6. Take Mock Tests (Available on FosterJEE Free of Cost)

Mock Tests are a great resource for JEE Main 2023 preparation. Candidates can solve mock tests to get prior experience with the exam. Candidates can solve mock tests regularly to analyze their weak points and improve their time management skills (i.e. speed and accuracy).

7. Considering High-Weightage Chapters

Candidates have very limited time to prepare for JEE Main 2023, so they can score more marks by covering higher-weightage chapters. Candidates can follow the tabular data given below to know the topic-wise higher weightage chapters for JEE Main.

FosterJEE is providing you good quizzes to practice questions as well as mock tests made by the best teachers and also previous years papers, so that you can check your concepts. 

Start your preparation and improve your concept with FosterJEE App.

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Best Wishes for 2023

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Fri Sep 2, 2022

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